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Kosher Salt Counters

Have you ever wondered how do kosher salts get their color? How do they come up with the color? Well, it's really not very hard to answer...

Digital Media Manager

Digital Media ManagerA digital media manager is an online marketing professional that launches and develops marketing campaigns for digital channels. Digital media managers may work for larger marketing firms, or they may be a small business owner. Digital media is...

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Four Strategies to Increase Website Traffic

Four Strategies to Increase Website TrafficInternet marketers around the world dream of increasing website traffic to their websites. Of course, you also want more web traffic, but what if you don't have a lot of time? Internet marketers have to time constraints,...

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A Salt With Positive and Negative Effects

A Salt With Positive and Negative EffectsPink Himalayan Salt is a kind of sea salt which is mined near the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan and naturally pink in colour. Some people claim that it tastes great and is loaded with beneficial minerals. For such reasons,...

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