Do You Know About Hockey Dome?

Dome Hockey was first introduced in the early 1980s with an integrated concept at Entertainment (ICE) with a chexx dome hockey game. In 1982, nearing the end of the Cold War, the fate of the world was still hinged in a weapons race between the Capitalists of Yanks and the Communist Russkies. Tensions have settled throughout the world, but people in the United States flocked to the arcade of videos with Jingling bags to release their tension at Chexx Dome Hockey. The original dome hockey game, made the enemy of the United States and Russian cold war with each other. You can find licensed Miracle on Ice edition super chexx PRO bubble hockey Table.

Licensed "Miracle on Ice" Edition Super Chexx PRO Bubble Hockey Table

Ice Super Chexx operated with coins originally only available in Arcades and commercial game rooms throughout the country and can be played with 2-4 players. This game has now been brought to many homes, businesses and institutions for hours of multi-player pleasure. This is an extension of the foosball with the mastermind of hockey men in the dome who tries to print each other. ES Super Chexx currently has a control computer that you can set the unit on "free games" or for units to take coins or dollars. This unit has interactive sound, automatic eject puck, and electronic scoreboard and timer. This is an original unit by the original manufacturer and appreciated like that.

Shelti Inc. Get out with their own Dome Hockey version in the mid-1990s. Shelti is considered a premium product because of their unit's durability and weight. The Shelti unit is heavier than the Super Chexx unit so it is well resistant in the church game room and recreational institutions. Shelti Thunderdome is the closest to the look, quality, and playback to the Super Chexx.

This is the best Shelti unit and contains automatic ejector pieces, interactive sound, electronic scoreboard and base base. Shelt Slapshot is basically the same unit in appearance and mechanically as lightning but does not contain automatic ejector puck or interactive sound. Slapshot and all the rest of your house unit simply drop chips from the dome to the play area.


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