Facebook Messenger Bot Beta Review Processes

What exactly is a Facebook Messenger Bot? At its most basic level, chat bots provide a platform for companies to automate many low level client service functions automatically. Rather than waiting on hold with a customer service representative to discuss a purchase order, customers can immediately chat with a chat bot to either accept or reject an offer, complete a pre-sale question, or answer the initial stages of an online RMA request. In many ways, chat bots extend the reach and capabilities of traditional customer support reps. Yet many companies are hesitant to implement chatbot technology into their business environment, largely because of the inherent privacy concerns associated with chat and Facebook personalization.

Facebook Messenger Bot

Facebook Messenger Bot was developed internally at Facebook to fill this need. Facebook Messenger Bot, also known as Facebook Chat Bot, is an open-source web application that can be integrated into Facebook applications such as Facebook Messenger, Facebook Photos, Facebook Business, Facebook Pages, and the Facebook Search App. This integration provides a convenient customer support application, which also provides a valuable tool for business development.

Facebook Messenger Bot is designed to provide a fast and convenient way for Facebook subscribers to communicate with their Facebook friends, while reducing the inherent privacy concerns connected to chat applications. Unlike regular e-mail and messaging services, Facebook Messenger Bot allows users to create, modify, and receive messages from a single web application. Facebook Bot provides the bridge between Facebook subscribers and businesses wishing to promote their products and services via Facebook. Facebook Messenger Bot empowers businesses to engage directly with Facebook subscribers. Additionally, Facebook Messenger Bot creates a Facebook Channel for businesses to promote their Facebook applications, along with providing an interface for Facebook friends to connect to businesses.

Facebook Messenger Bot allows Facebook subscribers to use one account per Facebook user. Since Facebook Messenger Bot is integrated into Facebook applications, it allows Facebook members to communicate with their Facebook friends, and vice versa. Therefore, a Facebook subscriber may use Facebook Messenger Bot to communicate with a Facebook friend, and then import that Facebook URL into Facebook Messenger Bot to send a message to that Facebook friend with the Facebook Bot application, thereby establishing a direct, two-way connection between the Facebook subscriber and another Facebook user.

Facebook Messenger Bot is an important component of Facebook’s overall advertising strategy. Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg indicated in Facebook’s annual earnings call that Facebook will focus on building “more automated processes for delivering messages, and other actions, so people can go directly to a business site or contact us if they want more options.” Facebook has several Messenger Bot applications currently under development, including a photo album and a photo viewer. However, Facebook will not start implementing a high-quality, cross-platform bot into its Facebook applications until it completes its massive acquisition of Zynga last March.

Facebook Messenger Bot will complement existing Facebook applications, such as the Facebook application, Facebook Fan Box, and Facebook Search. Facebook Messenger Bot will allow Facebook users to easily identify friends, create a profile, and send a message to all Facebook friends with one simple click of the mouse button. Facebook Messenger Bot will also bring additional functionality to Facebook, such as better customer service, better analytics, and easier ways to find friends and reconnect with them.

Facebook Messenger Bot can be considered a cross-platform Facebook bot, and like all Facebook applications, can be customized and made more functional by the addition of different modules. Facebook application developers have the ability to integrate several web technologies, such as Java, Flash, HTML, and CSS, into Messenger Bot. The web integration will allow Facebook users to find and open Facebook chat bot applications. Facebook chat bot will also give Facebook users the capability to share files from their desktop, such as photos and music files. Facebook chat bot will provide Facebook users the option to share file attachments through Facebook’s desktop sharing application, known as Windows desktop sharing.

To conclude, Facebook Messenger Bot is in its early testing stages, and Facebook has not yet released it to the public. We urge Facebook to go back to the drawing board and come up with something much more polished and complete. If Facebook were to release an official Facebook chat bot product, they would need to go back to the drawing board and come up with an official Facebook application that offers an experience that rivals that offered by Google, Apple, and Skype. It is time for Facebook to move forward and focus on providing a superior social networking experience to Facebook users. Please visit our Facebook reviews site to learn more about Facebook chat bot and other Facebook applications.

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