Leading SAFe 5.0 Training

Executives, managers, and leaders of a company are responsible for its adoption, achievement, and continuing improvement of Lean-Agile improvement. They guarantee that business operations enhance continuously by making an environment which promotes high-performing Agile teams to flourish and create value.

Leaders, therefore, must model and interrogate Lean manners of thinking and functioning so that professionals learn from their case. It equips leaders with all the essential knowledge and expertise to lead a company and model Lean manners. You can find leading SAFe certification training at https://prettyagile.com/leading-safe-agilist-certification/.

This two-day class is exclusively created for leaders, executives, managers, and architects that are expected to direct a Lean-Agile business utilizing the Scaled Agile Framework (SAFe). The purpose of this instruction is to allow you to develop into a Lean-thinking manager/teacher so you create high-performing teams. To do so, we teach one of the five core competencies of Lean Enterprise, the way to use of SAFe’s Lean and Agile fundamentals, and also the abilities to support and implement PI Planning occasions.

Aside from the above mentioned, this class teaches students Lean Portfolio Management, the way to construct a Constant Delivery Pipeline, and also the way to organize solutions. AgileTraining.Co utilizes custom case studies to back up your development of a skill set that will enable leaders and their businesses to be successful in a tumultuous market.

Why Agile Training?

Lively, interactive coaching: Agile Training has helped many leaders turn into Lean-thinking-manager-teachers by instilling a Lean-Agile mindset through intensive and enjoyable coaching sessions.

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