The Benefits of Pink Himalayan Salt and Essential Oils

Himalayan pink salt is a mineral salt mined in the foothills of the majestic Himalayan Mountains. The salt contains a range of minerals and is the salt most commonly used in kitchens. This pink salt comes in a variety of different colors depending on where it was mined. The pink color of this salt can be attributed to ferric oxide and calcium.

pink himalayan salt

Himalayan pink salt is used to treat a wide variety of conditions including hypertension, constipation and water retention, fatigue, wounds, ulcers and kidney disorders. Because of the wide range of conditions that this salt heals, it has become much more popular as a holistic alternative medicine. For centuries, the salt has been used by healers in the Himalayan Mountains to alleviate such ailments. The salt does not make the patient susceptible to high blood pressure or other heart problems.

The salt lamp is an interesting item that is designed to promote better sleep. Many of the lamps on the market today are focused on promoting better sleep while others are simply overhead lighting fixtures with adjustable illumination. The pink Himalayan salt lamp is different. The salt crystal lamp is designed to resemble a conventional lamp and its use as a table ornament is very unique. Because it uses natural elements, it allows the user to benefit from its healing properties. The lamps make excellent readings lamps, especially when used at night.

Natural gemstones mined by Pink Himalayan Salt lamps are not only beautiful but they are also valuable. They are extremely durable, often stronger than any other salt material mined by man. They come in a wide range of colors and each color symbolizes something unique about the location where it was mined. These salt rocks were originally found in the Himalayan Mountains. Today many of these beautiful lamps are hand carved and sold by companies who mine them themselves using only natural minerals extracted from the mountains.

One of the best features of the pink salt lamp is its use of salt as an ionic healer. As a medical specialist, I have read many books about the healing power of minerals. I also know and understand how important the role of ions is in maintaining good health. One example of ionic healing is exercise. Having sufficient amounts of positive ions in the bloodstream helps the body release endorphins and serotonin which are both vital in maintaining good health.

Pink Himalayan Salt has the same positive ionic healing effect as sea salt. However, there is one distinct difference. Sea salt has been chemically altered to make it more usable. The pink Himalayan salt has not undergone any chemical treatment. Natural pink salt contains plenty of minerals that are beneficial to our bodies.

The pink himalayan salt has a higher concentration of sodium chloride content than sea salt. In fact it is twice as much. This sodium chloride makes it ideal for re-mineralization of the blood, organs and tissues because it has the highest mineral content of any salt you can find. It also contains trace amounts of magnesium, potassium, calcium, zinc, sulphur and copper.

Salt is essential to life. Without it, we would not be able to survive. Now that you know more about the health benefits of pink Himalayan salts, I suggest you begin to purchase them for your home. When you do, you will realize just how versatile they are. Not only are they excellent natural deodorizers and antiseptics but they can also help to improve your eyesight, strengthen your teeth and cure various ear conditions.

Research has shown that people with high blood pressure benefit from pink Himalayan salt. In one study, participants had high blood pressure but did not have regular salt intake. Those who did have regular salt intake had lower blood pressure at the end of the 6 week trial. Other research has shown that people with hypertension benefit from regular use of this salt. Those who were given pink Himalayan salt three times a day for a month were less likely to have high blood pressure as those who did not receive the supplement. Other studies have proven these results and further show the health benefits of this salt.

Pink Himalayan salt mined in the foothills of the Himalayan Mountains is a healthier alternative to regular table salt. When used in the right combinations, it can lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, lower triglycerides (the bad fat that can deposit on the walls of arteries) and raise HDL cholesterol (good cholesterol). Regular salt has too many negative side effects to be beneficial to anyone. This is why pink Himalayan salt has become so popular in the US and other western countries. It is becoming known as a natural alternative to prescription medications and over the counter drugs that are notoriously bad for you.

The pink Himalayan salt lamp is an ancient method of healing and energy creation. It includes essential oils that when inhaled will activate the’resonance’ centers of the body. It is believed that by raising the energy vibrations, balance is achieved and illness is prevented. Essential oils are used together with the pink Himalayan salt crystal to create a powerful and effective treatment to any illness or condition. By combining the pink Himalayan salt with essential oils like basil, rosemary, jojoba, tea tree and lavender, it is believed that the combination of these two powerful elements can produce a healing that is not possible using any other substance.

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