The Benefits of Using Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Baths For Skin Care

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The Benefits of Using Dead Sea Salt and Epsom Salt Baths For Skin Care

Lavish yourself in the therapeutic effects of dead sea salt baths. Made from the best of dead sea salt minerals straight from the Dead Sea, AHAVA`s bath salts soothe muscle tension, alleviate inflammation and restore the natural balance of your skin so it keeps that youthful glowing glow. A bath salt is a mineral that has been proven effective against many types of skin problems. The most common conditions that have responded well to Dead Sea salts include eczema and psoriasis.

To get the most from your Dead Sea salt bath, be sure to follow these simple guidelines to ensure maximum results. First, make sure you have rinsed your feet thoroughly with warm water after each use. You can cleanse the feet thoroughly in a soak tub, or by using a special showerhead that imitates the sun. It is important to dry the feet completely after finishing the soak. If you need to apply an essential oil to your feet before stepping out of the tub, do so with a fragrance-free product.

Once you have dried your feet completely, you can begin using your Dead Sea salt bath salt. The first step is to add the desired amount of Dead Sea salts to a bathtub filled with clean water. Never use a bath salt recipe that contains tap water. Add about two cups of Dead Sea salts to one gallon of water for every person in your family. Before using your bath salt recipe be sure to carefully test a small amount on a hidden area of skin.

Next, add a small amount of lavender essential oil to the bath salt recipe. A mixture of three drops of lavender essential oil and a half pint of Dead Sea salt will produce the best smelling bath salts. This mixture can be used for tingling of the skin, as well as muscle and joint pain. The warm water of the bathtub will help relax your body and prepare your skin for the deep relaxing soak. Be careful not to add too much Dead Sea salt to your bathtub, or else it will cause your bath salts to take on a musty smell. If you find that you are unable to relax on a full bath of Dead Sea salt, then dilute the Dead Sea salt with more warm water and less Dead Sea salt.

It is also possible to mix in some baking soda with the Dead Sea salt when making bath salts, especially if you are looking to increase the effectiveness. Baking soda has a neutral pH level and it can help to alkalize the body. It is also one of the strongest natural diuretics, which means that it will raise the levels of potassium in the blood. Many individuals find that including potassium in their diet is very beneficial to maintaining optimal levels of potassium in the body. A high potassium level can prevent cramps, which is great news for individuals suffering from recurring ovarian cysts, a common type of pelvic pain.

One of the main ingredients of the Dead Sea salt and bath salt mixtures is magnesium chloride. Magnesium is another valuable mineral that plays a vital role in balancing electrolyte levels, as well as helping to normalize blood pressure. Many people use the therapeutic properties of magnesium to alleviate the symptoms of a magnesium deficiency. By taking a bath using the therapeutic Dead Sea salt mixtures, individuals are able to address the issue of a magnesium deficiency, as well as many other types of health problems.

Most importantly, when using Dead Sea salt mixtures in the bath, it is important that the water is not scented. As mentioned above, many therapeutic properties are achieved by the interaction of magnesium and sodium. When scented water is added to the bath, it can alter the pH level of the water, making it more alkaline and less acidic. This can create an unfavorable environment in the tub, which can result in the development of mold or mildew. As a result, many individuals choose to include the essential oil of lavender essential oil in their Dead Sea salt and bath salt mixtures, in order to achieve the aromatherapy desired.

When you combine the therapeutic qualities of the Dead Sea salt and bath salts with the beneficial effects of lavender essential oil, you have a powerful combination. When you add these two key elements to your bathwater, you can achieve a spa-like experience, as well as the healing capabilities of the Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt. By combining these critical elements, you will be able to effectively treat a wide variety of skin conditions, including those that affect the skin on your feet. Additionally, by using a Dead Sea salt and Epsom salt bath, you can help maintain the natural balance of your body, as well as your overall health.

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